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York Faulkner

Direct-Cross Examination Boot Camp

International arbitration increasingly requires Japanese lawyers to conduct witness depositions, direct examinations, and cross examinations. These skills are new to many Japanese lawyers, but can be effectively learned with practice and proper instruction. 

Learn from a veteran trial lawyer who started his career as a criminal prosecutor at the U.S. Department of Justice. The format of this two-day "boot camp" is based on the Attorney General's Advocacy Institute.

The boot camp is held at your location for your firm's attorneys. 

  • First Day - Two hours. Instruction & demonstration (mostly in English)

    • "Theory of the Case" development and proof​

    • Organization and structure of impactful examinations

    • "Tools of the Trade" - Purpose and use of question types

    • Note organization

    • Exhibit numbering and organization 

    • Strategies for building and bullet-proofing credibility on direct

    • Strategies for attacking credibility and other goals on cross

    • The lost art of re-direct examination

    • Use of demonstrative exhibits

    • Use of physical evidence

    • Use of technology during examinations

    • Relevance of the Rules of Evidence in arbitration

  • Second Day - Two hours. Student practice session (in Japanese)

    • Students trade roles of witness and examiner​

    • Practice sessions in Japanese to focus on examination skills

    • Instructor input and group discussion

  • Weekend scheduling available

  • At least three student participants required

  • For more information and scheduling, contact YMF Law at your convenience

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